Tuesday, May 14, 2013

They lost over 1000 pounds on a diet...?!

Angelina LeBlanc, RD, LDN, CDE
Angelina LeBlanc, RD, is the manager of the Diabetes, Weight Loss and Wellness Program at Ochsner Health Center - Baton Rouge.    
Ochsner patients on the Ideal Protein diet have lost 1,122 pounds and 619 inches since April!

We began offering the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program this spring as a medically-managed diet option for patients who are ready to lose those pounds -- for good.  So far we are thrilled with how well the program is working. To learn more about this program, visit our website.

Some of our patients are very concerned about gaining weight over the holidays.  Good news!  Holidays are a great time to make advanced menu plans to stay on track with health and fitness goals. With all the hustle and activities surrounding holidays, we need to have a plan and direction for eating ...or we'll end up with quick, unhealthy last minute choices leaving us wishing and knowing we could have picked healthier foods for ourselves and families.

Ideal Protein can help since foods are portable, convenient and taste great! Ideal Protein meals and recipes are perfect for tailgating, vacations and parties. You are able to have home cooked foods and our staff offers support on how to include these meals in your menu planning. One of our weight loss support group participants shared having an Ideal Protein lunch on the beach for a ladies weekend away!

The staff at the Diabetes, Weight Loss and Wellness Clinic at Ochsner in Baton Rouge is very excited about this new weight-loss alternative for our patients. I can't wait to update this blog someday soon with 2,000 pounds lost by our patients!   

To find out if this diet program is right for you, visit our website: ochsner.org/IdealProtein.

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