Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Cardiac Caths are Easier at Ochsner

Ochsner Cardiologist Using Transradial Approach
to Cath Lab Procedures

Baton Rouge, LA Today’s prevalence of heart disease means many adults will need coronary intervention in a hospital cardiac catheterization lab at some point in their lives.  Procedures such as diagnostic angiography, angioplasty or the placement of a stent have traditionally been performed by entering the patients’ body through the femoral artery in the leg.  Ochsner physicians are now using a different approach – transradial access - to reduce complications associated with these procedures.

Transradial access procedures are performed by entering the patients’ body through the artery in the wrist.  Ochsner Interventional Cardiologist Bahij Khuri, MD began performing transradial access procedures earlier this year.  “We are seeing great results with the patients who have had transradial access intervention thus far,” he says.  Dr. Khuri points out the patient benefits of transradial access versus femoral access as:
  • Reduced bleeding and less complication from bleeding
  • Quicker recovery time
  • Faster return to mobility
“In the more traditional femoral access procedures patients were required to stay in the hospital overnight lying flat.  With transradial access, patients can walk shortly after the procedure is completed and an overnight stay is no longer necessary” says Dr. Khuri.  In addition, Dr. Khuri says there has been evidence that transradial access procedures are easier for very obese patients and patients who have difficulty lying flat. 

“We look for the transradial access approach to cath lab interventions to become more widespread by physicians in America over the next few years,” says Dr. Khuri.  “Already many larger hospitals and physicians in other countries such as Asia, Canada and Europe are regularly performing these types of interventions”. 

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